Beginner Level Photography Course

Course Details

2 Months

Group Coaching

Skill Level
For beginners

Nikunj Sharma


Requirements to join our beginner level photography course

As it is our entry level photography course, we do not have any specific requirements. All we need from the student is, that they should bring their own DSLR system during the course. We will also request out students to buy one flash system (as per our suggestion). Buying the flash system is not compulsory, but we really suggest you do because it will help you during the practice sessions.

How Do I register my self for the course?

Registration for all our photography courses has to be made in advance. But before registration, we want to clear all your doubts, if you have any, regarding our course. So give us a call on +91 8987 076 047 for discussion. If you do not have any queries, you can directly ask our executive on that number, for the process for registration